A Heap of Crucible Dividers Now Available (Plus a Trick)

We have just put up another load of Crucible Type 2 Dividers up for sale in the store. They are $110 plus domestic shipping.

These dividers are certified chicken-fried. The hinges are made in Tennessee. The legs are machined in Central Kentucky. And the screws are “new old stock” from somewhere in America’s great industrial past. They are assembled by the chicken-eateningst crew in the state.

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The last few loads have sold out within two or three hours. So order soon to avoid disappointment.

A Cool Divider Trick

One of the cool things our Type 2 dividers do is they allow you to return easily to a previous setting. And you can do it with a pencil.

Here’s how to do it. Set the dividers to your initial setting (say, the distance of a half-pin when laying out dovetails). Take a sharp pencil and mark the position of one leg onto the interior of the other leg. Now adjust the dividers to the second setting (say, the spacing of one tail and one pin).

The pencil line will not be erased when you move the divider’s legs. The tool’s friction is up at the hinge – not on the leg recesses. So you can mark multiple settings on both sides of the tool. The pencil lines are easily removed with an eraser. (Thanks to tool designer Josh Cook for pointing this feature out.)

So now one pair of dividers can do the work of two or three. I guess I’m a terrible salesman because now you don’t need to buy two or three tools.

— Christopher Schwarz

Source: lostartpress.com

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