A Homemade Gun with 25 Barrels

Giuseppe Marco Fieschi built this gun to be dangerous. A former soldier and lifelong criminal, Fieschi hatched a plan to assassinate King Louis-Philippe of France in 1835. He pondered that old saying, “You come at the king, you best not miss.” Not having that much confidence in his aim, Fieschi built a gun with 25 barrels to spray destruction on the monarch. The gun, later named the Infernal Machine, was designed to fire all 25 barrels at once. Fieschi positioned himself, along with the gun, on the third floor of a Paris building while the king performed his annual review of the Paris National Guard. What could possibly go wrong?

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Regarding Fieschi’s plan, everything went wrong. The Infernal Machine was dangerous to everyone in the Paris street and to Fieschi himself. The scene that day, as described by Amusing Planet, could have been a comedy if it weren’t for so many people being killed. That eventually included Fieschi himself, who was executed for his crimes, along with two accomplices. The destruction was so profound that it’s a wonder they were able to reconstruct the Infernal Machine well enough to display it in a museum.    

(Image credit: Parisette)

Source: neatorama

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