A <i>Star Wars</i> Battle with Nerf Guns

Kylo Ren chases a fighter from the Resistance into the woods to finish him off- with plastic darts. If the characters in Star Wars fought each other with Nerf guns, there wouldn’t be nearly as many deaths. Not that it matters; they all come back sooner or later anyway. But I had no idea that Nerf made lightsabers. They do. Although in this encounter, it’s hard to tell which is the business end.

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This video from Nukazooka is a throwback to the days when friends got together to cosplay and have lightsaber battles with the excuse that they were making a Star Wars fan film. No budget was necessary, and we had Sweded Star Wars scenes hitting the internet every day. It was fun. -via Geeks Are Sexy

Source: neatorama

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