A Library Research Guide for <i>The Golden Girls</i>

In the olden days, librarians would make printed guides to doing research for various topics. These were called pathfinders or research guides. Then the internet happened, and librarians adopted the practice for online environments. Then the Springshare developed LibGuides, which is basically an online content management system for libraries.

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This isn’t an advertisement for LibGuides. I just love their product. A professor can email me a class research assignment and I can throw a research guide for it online in as little as 15 minutes.

Now Rice University’s Fondren Library has kicked up the game. Librairan Jeanette Sewell, who identifies as “the Official Golden Girls Librarian” offers her patrons (and us) a LibGuide on The Golden Girls. This is timely, given the recent departure of Betty White from among us.

I’m especially impressed with Sewell’s scholarly bibliography on The Golden Girls, which would be especially helpful for both pop culture researchers and casual fans.

-via Rebecca Baumann

Source: neatorama

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