A Logic Question About Hats

Can you solve a logic puzzle that was featured in the the 2022 Brazilian Mathematical Olympiad of Public Schools? The information you are given is 1. Pinocchio always lies, and 2. Pinocchio says “All my hats are green.” What can you deduce from that? Duh, it means Pinocchio has at least one hat that isn’t green. Then they reveal that that this is a multiple choice question, and none of the answers are the one you thought! After I calmed down, I thought, well, one answer is pretty close to mine, although incomplete. But wait, maybe he has no hats! That’s silly, we can see from the picture that he does. However, the picture isn’t really necessary, and probably doesn’t accompany every version of the puzzle. So then we get a lesson in a “vacuously true statement.” By the time we get through the video, you realize you were correct all along. Using a confusing multiple choice answer format forces you to justify your choice. And then learn something. -via Nag on the Lake

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Source: neatorama

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