A Look Inside IDEO's London Office

Employers who superficially dedicate themselves to providing some kind of employee wellness may slap a sea-shorn log over their employee’s standing desks, throw a vertical garden up on the wall, lay down new hardwood floor, photograph it all in good lighting and call it an Instagrammable day #biophilic. But companies that really care do the less flashy stuff—they never underestimate the power of a good flooring finish.

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In a most recent renovation to their London office, IDEO truly dedicates themselves to sustainable biophilic-design practices. This dedication isn’t meant to be seen. It’s meant to be felt.

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How’s your workspace? Natural wood? Succulents? Scratches? Coffee stains? Wheeley chairs? More scratches? Many companies cut corners with biophilic design, but you couldn’t cut the floor in IDEO’s London office if you tried.

That’s because they’re made from Havwoods International‘s popular Venture Plank collection of engineered hardwood planks–topped with the global supplier’s highly, highly, highly, highly, highly durable Valour oil finish. I say highly five times because its five times more resistant to scratching than other finishes. IDEO employees in London will now experience the beautiful inconsequence of spilling coffee, cleaning up, and realizing, nothing’s stained and the sigh of relief when the floor is unscathed after scraping desks around—all because of a simple floor finish.

Color-fastness, hardness and sustainability all get a check. The coatings underwent extensive testing with no visible changes after red wine, coffee, olive oil, and black tea spillages. The finish is also Cradle to Cradle certified, meaning when that initial rushing-tingly feeling of sustainability subsides within the IDEO office in London, the floors may continue to resonate. They will not be left with an empty feeling, searching for serotonin in a succulent.

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