A Lowrider Lawnmower Styled After Vintage Cars

Some of you young nerds have probably never spent time hanging around in niche interest internet forums, and some of you old nerds probably never bothered. If so, take my word for it, they’re some of the purest creative spaces left on earth. Whether or not you share a board’s passion for say, fully custom miniature motorized vehicles, the work and passion and shit talk shared puts modern day #WIP Instagram camaraderie to shame. 

Old Mini Bikes member Jeep2003 built a custom mini lawnmower with all the flair and painstaking detail work of a restored ’50s lowrider. It’s styled after classic cars from the hand built body to the chrome trim, bullet lights and racist decal. And Jeep2003 shared his process on the internet and the other fans of weird fun motor projects gazed upon it, and they did rejoice. And nobody called him a Nazi or doxxed anyone or accused him of ripping off a long dead auto designer, because verily niche forums are a weird and blessed place.

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Though tightly executed enough to look factory made, this weird gorgeous thing apparently came together using the base of a burned out smoker and an old snowblower engine. Plus a grip of ingenuity, fabrication skills, and a really good paint setup.

The finished mower runs, though not often—it’s too pretty and hard won to waste on any old grass. 

That’s one inspiring little ugly duckling
..An impressive ugly fledgling
…And a fresh af little mower-car

Add the fact that I noticed this goldmine of a pet project via the real Pee-Wee Herman blog, and it almost makes the internet seem wholesome. Speaking of which, go visit our forums. They’re the good kind of wingnuts too. 

Source: core77

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