A Mag-Lev System for Massive Sliding Doors

So you’re an architect or environments designer, and your client absolutely needs a massive sliding glass door that weighs over 2,000 pounds. I’m talking like, this kind of massive:

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For this exact situation, Italian hardware manufacturer Secco produces a Zero-G Passive Magnetic Levitation System. Yes, you can use mag-lev to lift the door up, floating it on a cloud of zero-friction magic so your client can actually slide the door open using minimal force.

“ØG® [zerø gravity] consists of a levitation unit recessed into the floor which contains the sliding rail, the Ironlev® magnetic pads and the beam connecting to the door. The system is accessible for maintenance through movable roof profiles that can contain the same finishes as the floors in their visible surface, for a perfect continuity between the inside and outside of the building. Only an 8 mm gap, closed by brushes, remains visible in the floor along the entire sliding of the door, without any protrusion and therefore tripping.

“In the upper part of the door ØG® provides mechanisms to counteract the lifting thrust of the magnets and lower the door or window bringing it to the closing level. The system does not require electricity, it works manually even with heavy weights over 1000 kg.”

I know what you’re thinking: Won’t those powerful magnets, like, rip the metal eyelets right out of my shoes? Of course not, they’ve got that figured out. Here’s a look at how the system works:

Source: core77

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