A Marble Space Heater

Design professor Claudio Larcher, director of the catch-all Design Department at Milan’s New Academy of Fine Arts, designed Heatty, this unusual marble space heater:

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Judging by the cord, it’s electric. For a design professor, you’d think he’d have a better description:

“An object of common use revisited in the form and in the unconventional choice of materials, this is how Heatty was born. Compact and performing, it combines functionality with a completely new aesthetic, drawing attention to itself and furnishing a corner of the house.”

There’s no word on what those little hooks are for, what the interface is, how much heat it puts out, et cetera. And while it was apparently designed for an Italian brand called Clique Editions, their listing for the object mentions neither price nor whether it’s in production. But it is interesting to look at, and I’m throwing this one out there in case it inspires one of you to do something more comprehensive.

Source: core77

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