A Marginally Better Stone

A real conversation from the early 2000s. The supplier mentioned here is one of the many that are no longer in business.

Woodworking Gear Supplier No. 2 (WGS2): “I absolutely cannot wait for the new Shapton 30,000-grit stone to come out.”

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Editor: “Yeah? What’s so great about it?”

WGS2: “It will complete an essential kit of four stones that every woodworker needs. Woodworkers with only three Shapton stones will want to complete their set. And – here’s the great part – it’s going to cost about $400 to $500. The margin on this stone is incredible.”

Editor: “What kind of edge do you get with it?”

WGS2: “No idea. I haven’t used one yet. But I’m sure it’s great.”

Source: lostartpress.com

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