A Marriage Made in Poorly Drawn Cats

Poorly Drawn Cats is a Twitter account in which Brazilian artist Heloísa Nora draws other people’s cats. The pictures aren’t poorly drawn, just minimalist and often funny. In 2019, Grant Schroeder commissioned Nora to draw his kitten Luna. When the picture was posted, Emma Ferguson of Liverpool, UK, noticed it because she had a kitten named Luna as well. She went to Shroeder’s Twitter account and saw a picture of him with Luna. So she followed him. He noticed, and followed her. Soon they were messaging each other and began a long-distance relationship. They met once when Schroeder flew to England, but then were separated by the pandemic for a year. They finally got married a couple of weeks ago. Nora made another drawing in honor of the occasion.

The couple now live in Liverpool with two cats. Schroeder’s Luna stayed in Oregon with his parents and Ferguson’s Luna has passed on. They are looking forward to getting another cat. -via Fark

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Source: neatorama

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