A Master Ahead Of His Time

When Beethoven consulted the Italian violinist Felix Radicati in 1806 about violin fingering for his “Razumovsky” Quartets, Opus No. 59, Radicati was not able to help himself, and he rudely asked Beethoven if he really considers these pieces to be music. Beethoven replied, “Oh, they are not for you, but for a later age!”

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Twenty-one years later, in 1827, Beethoven died, but, true to his reply to Radicati, his music, his legacy, still lives on to this day.

In the 250 years since his birth, Beethoven’s music has served myth-making agendas both personal and political, cultural and commercial, noble and nefarious.

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(Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Source: neatorama

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