A Match Made in Heaven: Truck Owners Swap Hoods

Üziel Valles was a happy man, for he had a truck. It was a lovely and vigorous Chevrolet Silverado. Alas, it had one flaw: a yellow hood on an otherwise white body.

John Payan was also a happy man with a Silverado. He, too, loved his truck with the exception of one flaw: a white hood marring the appearance of the yellow body.

Valles posted on a private Facebook group called Denver Dropped Trucks. His cri de coeur was for a white hood. The Internet summoned his truck’s soulmate, which was owned by Payan. Jalopnik describes their love story:

Enter: John Payan, who just so happens to have an all-yellow truck with a white hood. Is this destiny? Proof that soulmates do exist? I can’t say for sure, but whatever the case, it’s still a better plot arc than anything that made its way into the Twilight series. […]

He and Payan even still appear to chat, which is the only thing I could have ever asked for from this story. I could not have accepted any other conclusion. These two fellas swapped hoods, and now they’re bros for life.

-via Core77

Source: neatorama

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