A Mattress Designed for Side Sleepers, With Channels for Your Arms

The Sonu Sleep System is a mattress designed for side sleepers, and thus features channels for your arms.

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At first this sounded ridiculous to me, but I must admit the use cases look relatable (to me, a side sleeper):

You cannot, of course, use regular sheets here. The company thus includes a sheet set with every mattress, as well as the four filler pillows (two on each side) to fill the channels. You then need to place your normal pillow(s) on top to complete the arrangement.

A queen-size Sonu runs $2,899 with a 100-night trial, though they’ll knock $144 off the price if you’re willing to forgo the trial (and possibility of a refund). Extra sets of sheets, for a queen-size at least, run $189.

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