A Mechanical Engineer's Designey Take on an E-Bike

The latest designey, unlikely-looking e-bike is the Vinci, designed by Enzo Prathamesh Shinde:

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“I am not reinventing electric bikes. There are plenty of them available in the market,” says Shinde, a California-based mechanical engineer. “But I didn’t want to have a lame electric bike with some electronics slapped on a regular bike or an older Bonanza mini bike frame. [So] I came up with a design that satisfies my requirements of style and comfort.”

Shinde claims the Vinci’s 48V 15aH lithium-ion battery will be good for a 35-60 mile range, and can top out at 35mph for those in a hurry. If it sees production the plan is to retail it for $1,250, though he’s currently attempting to Kickstart them for $999:

At press time the Vinci had about $11,000 in pledges towards an $111,200 goal, but there was still 58 days left to pledge.

Source: core77

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