A Miraculous Multitool for Bicycles: The Swiss-Made Nesting-Bit Daysaver

What’s the problem with your average bicycle multitool? According to Daniel, Elam and Peter, the Swiss bike-enthusiast developers of the Daysaver:

“It has always bothered us that we bikers must choose between having either a useful but heavy and bulky tool or a small and light one – as we want it to be – but inconvenient to use. The common concepts are based on foldable tools. The disadvantage of such concepts is that many screws are not accessible because of the bulky design, and you do not have the right lever[age] when it comes to applying the proper torque.

“In recent years, the trend has shifted to ‘hide’ tools in the bike – in the cranks or the stem. But this concept requires proprietary systems that fit only one bike at a time. So we either had to accept the situation or tackle the problem ourselves.”

What would be needed is a sort of magic Allen wrench that could change the shape of its business end as needed. Such a thing didn’t exist, of course–so the trio invented one. Here’s how it works:

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By narrowing it down to eight crucial bit sizes (and a ninth, to be decided by backers on Kickstarter), and cleverly designing the bits to nest within one another, the team came up with a compact, lightweight and handy tool that takes up next to no space.

The Daysaver was successfully Kickstarted in just three days. If you want one yourself, at press time there was still 26 days left to pledge.

Source: core77

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