A Modern Bookstand + Books Our Editors Would Display on It

A Modern Bookstand + Books Our Editors Would Display on It

If you’re a visual person, chances are you love to peruse and display coffee tables books around your space for when you need a quick moment of inspiration. On top of inspiration, they add so much to any table or shelf when they’re on view – they’re pieces of art you can appreciate just by gazing at the covers. I tend to rotate mine around to keep things fresh and so each one can be enjoyed for spans of time at front and center. As intriguing as many of the covers are, the contents are where it’s at. But leaving a book open on your coffee table just looks as if you forgot to shut it making a bookstand a cool investment. Enter the Atlas Bookstand by bæbsy.

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view looking down at two metal bookstands on concrete

The Amsterdam-based bæbsy. makes just the one product – the Atlas Bookstand. The ultra modern, stainless steel bookstand references Greek mythology in its name, shape, and strength, as Titan god Atlas was responsible for holding up the heavens for eternity. This Atlas has much less responsibility but still an important duty – to hold your book front and center in an aesthetically pleasing way.

view looking down at two metal bookstands on concrete with a large book on yellow stand

The Atlas Bookstand can be assembled in two different ways – Ordinary and Levitate – with the Levitate setup giving your book the appearance of floating above the stand. View the assembly video here.

arm holding a yellow metal bookstand in hand

white metal bookstand being held with an arm in view

side view of a yellow metal bookstand holding a large coffee table book open

view of stainless and marble end table holding a white metal bookstand with opened book on it

The Atlas Bookstand is available in white and yellow here.

side view of metal bookstand in yellow

closeup view of bright yellow metal bookstand

side view of white metal bookstand

closeup view of white metal bookstand

Curious as to what books Design Milk Editors would put on full display on an Atlas Bookstand? Read on to scope some coffee table design books we’re hearting right now.

My Picks:

diagonal view of a coffee table book called "House of Joy"

Buy it >>> House of Joy: Playful Homes and Cheerful Living

view looking down at a tan and white book

Buy it >>> Faye Toogood: Drawing, Material, Sculpture, Landscape: Drawing, Material, Sculpture, Landscape

Tech Editor Gregory Picks:

bookcover of the Anni & Josef Albers book

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Buy it >>> Anni & Josef Albers: Equal and Unequal

diagonal view of "The Touch" book by Kinfolk

Buy it >>> The Touch: Spaces Designed for the Senses

Commerce Editor Alexa’s Picks:

book cover of "The Wes Anderson Collection" book

Buy it >>> The West Anderson Collection

book cover of the "Color Scheme" book with color swatches

Buy it >>> Color Scheme: An Irreverent History of Art and Pop Culture in Color Palettes

Senior Editor Kelly’s Picks:

book cover of "Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life" book

Buy it >>> Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life

book cover of Tom Kundig's Houses book

Buy it >>> Tom Kundig: Houses

Social Media Manager Lilit’s Picks:

front cover of LEGO Architecture book

Buy it >>> LEGO Architecture: The Visual Guide

opened book and book cover of Moleskine notebooks

Buy it >>> Moleskine: The Detour Book

>>> To purchase the Atlas Bookstand, click here! <<<

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