A Modern-Day Shortwave Radio with a Wonderful '80s Design Aesthetic

Radio manufacturer and American Red Cross partner Etón has been manufacturing shortwave units since 1986. And for their latest, the Elite 750, they dug deep in the 1980s design aesthetic crates:

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Metal knobs with tick marks, an analog signal gauge, hard-edged metallic rectilinear buttons on a grid, it’s enough to make me misty for my high school stereo set-up.

And no, there’s no Bluetooth, though there is a line-in port if you insist on sullying the set-up by attaching your glass rectangle to it.

“When you want full shortwave capabilities and a classic design, choose the Elite 750. A 360-degree rotating AM antenna enhances the radio’s ability to pull in weak AM signals. You can listen to AM, FM , SW, LW, SSB and aircraft band frequencies, and you can program in up to 100 of your favorites for each band. You can also connect your MP3 player for even more listening choices.”

The relatively compact unit measures 4.1″ high, 6.6″ wide and just 1.2″ deep and will set you back $450.

Source: core77

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