A Modern Holiday House Near Bordeaux, France

A Modern Holiday House Near Bordeaux, France

Located near Bordeaux in Cap Ferret, France, this project was designed by Atelier du Pont as a holiday house with a swimming pool. As with most homes in the area, the house is nestled on a plot of land that slopes towards the sea, with its geometric structures modeled after cabins.

The house is situated in a forest of strawberry, yucca, and pine trees, making its cabin-like appearance the perfect design, as they wanted something that could coexist with the surrounding landscape.

The irregular layout of the home was designed to limit the disruption of the existing plants and trees.

The exterior is clad in horizontal pine boards, referencing the pines in the forest surrounding the house.

The “cabins”, which are joined by terraces, were designed so that the individuals in the family could have their own spaces to retire to but were also connected for when they wanted to come together.

The house is full of hard angles, so they designed a curved staircase in the center of the house.

Photos by Takuji Shimmura and Philippe Garcia.

Source: design-milk

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