A Modern, Modular Extension Added to a Weatherboard House in Melbourne

A Modern, Modular Extension Added to a Weatherboard House in Melbourne

Around the back of a weatherboard house in Melbourne is a new, two-story modular extension, named Ivanhoe, designed by Modscape to transform the lives of the homeowners. Instead of moving to a new house to meet their needs, the growing family chose to add the light-filled extension that visually connects the interior with the private backyard.

Floor-to-ceiling windows offer unobstructed views of the landscaped yard and neighboring trees. The dining room benefits from cornerless sliding glass doors that make it feel like you’re eating outside.

The extension is clad in sustainably-sourced Blackbutt wood and Colorbond Diversaclad which result in a beautiful contrast that’s elevated by the curved battened screen. Besides adding modern character to the home, it provides shade from the sun, as well as privacy for the upstairs master suite.

A new, double-height entryway was created in the middle of the home right between the new and existing parts of the house. A circular skylight above fills the open staircase with daylight.

The large, minimalist kitchen has a similar feel to the black and wood exterior but with additional white surfaces for a lighter feel. The open layout allows the entire family to interact even while doing different tasks

The extension was constructed within a factory to avoid disrupting the clients more than necessary. When it was complete, they moved out for just four weeks so Modscape could come in and demo and prepare the original house for the module installations, which only took one day!

The project incorporated lots of eco-friendly solutions, like solar passive heating and cross ventilation, double glazed windows, extra insulation, a 2,000L rainwater tank, energy-efficient lighting, water efficient fixtures, reverse cycle heating and cooling, and a gas fireplace.

Photography by John Madden, courtesy of BowerBird.

Source: design-milk

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