A Modern Rug Inspired by Abstract Art – And What to Style It With

A Modern Rug Inspired by Abstract Art – And What to Style It With

While some area rugs are designed to play a supporting role in your home’s interior, bridging the gaps between decorative elements to tie the room together – art inspired rugs by Ruggism are made to take center stage. Case in point, the Magic Circles 2.0 Rug. Inspired by the famed Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky’s color study, Farbstudie – Quadrate, or Squares with Concentric Circles, Magic Circles 2.0 brings Kandinsky’s experience with synesthesia (the ability to hear colors and see sounds) to life. Its shape, comprised of two connected circles each with a contrasting concentric circle pattern, is a creative departure from traditional rectangular rugs, bringing an abstract element to your space. While the rug’s microcosm of bright, cosmic colors – capturing everything from red, yellow, and burgundy to cool green and plum – actualizes Kandinsky’s belief that “everything starts with a dot.” In fact, the Magic Circles 2.0 Rug’s unique look packs so much design appeal, it’s a source of inspiration in and of itself, making it an area rug worth designing around. To that end, we’ve found the modern furnishings and decor that make for the perfect supporting characters. Visit the Design Milk Shop for more!

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evermade art print

Zozimus Print by Corbin Wood for Evermade

This print inspired by the imaginative world of Roald Dahl plays up the bright, primary color palette in Magic Circles 2.0, offering an ultra-modern, graphic interpretation on the rug’s circle motif. Calling on the viewer to forge their own path and dare to design their own narrative, Corbin Wood’s Zozimus champions the creative spirit explored in Kandinsky’s works. Plus there are only 50 prints available – making this a piece of wall art worth coveting for a lifetime.

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raawii strom jug

Raawii Strøm Jug by Nic Graham for Raawii

For a sculptural take on Magic Circles 2.0’s unique shape, check out this handmade jug by Raawii. Similar to Magic Circles, the modern ceramic vessel also pulls inspiration from the art world – specifically, Danish modern artist Vilhelm Lundstrøm’s still life paintings. The jug’s sculptural simplicity and bright yellow hue beautifully complements the rug’s golden yellow accent color and circular pattern. Fill it with flowers, kitchen utensils, or keep it empty as a modern decorative accent.

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mega dot pillow cover

Mega Dot Pillow Cover by Dittohouse

Just like Magic Circles 2.0, this Dittohouse Pillow Cover brings a bold, graphic look to a living space – with a modern, op-art inspired twist! The gold and red-orange color palette pairs perfectly with the Ruggism rug’s spectrum of warm shades, while the striped pattern brings just the right amount of geometric contrast. The pillow cover’s modern, playful design holds its own next to Magic Circle’s eye-catching aesthetic without overpowering the room.

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modernist bench

Red Modernist Bench by Zelonky Studios

This Zelonky Studios Bench ticks all of my boxes – it has a curvy and ergonomic silhouette, has space for storage, and comes in striking red colorway. It’s an obvious match next to the pops of red in Magic Circles 2.0, and the curved form aligns with the rug’s organic and irregular shape. I envision this one against a living room wall for extra seating (and coffee table book storage!), or at your entryway for a whimsical and modern first impression. It’s also available in yellow and blue!

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floor cushion

Royal Blue Velvet Knot Cushion by Knots Studio

The knotted design of Knots Studio’s nautical inspired floor cushions gives them a curvy look worthy of accenting the organic, irregular circles in Magic Circles 2.0. Made of a luxe, velvet material and punctuated by handmade beech wood rings that keep the knot cushion intact, this modern home accent is full of rich textures that instantly elevate your space. It comes in a variety of shades, but the bright, royal blue color is the perfect tie-in to Magic Circle’s innermost blue dot.

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chunk mirror

Chunk Mirror by Ward Wijnant

Handmade in the Netherlands out of 100% tinfoil shaped under high pressure, Ward Wijnant’s iconic Chunk Mirror stars a modern metallic finish that brings texture and shimmer to your walls. The Chunk Mirror and Magic Circles 2.0 Rug have more in common than their quirky aesthetic – Chunk Mirror’s imperfect donut shape reflects the irregular circles in the Ruggism rug, while the cool toned green color makes it a seamless co-star against the rug’s green accents.

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bellhop table lamp

Bellhop Portable LED Table Lamp by Edward Barber + Jay Osgerby for Flos

If you love portable lighting as much as we do, you’ll love the Bellhop Portable LED Table Lamp. The chic, bell-shaped design modernizes any space, projecting direct light wherever you need it, while the opaque, burnt orange color blends effortlessly alongside the warm spectrum of shades in Magic Circles 2.0. Complete with a four-step dimmer, the Bellhop’s warm light is whatever you make it – seeing you through important tasks and mood-setting all in one USB-chargeable light source.

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noka.design candles

Summer In Lago Di Garda Candle in Indigo by Noka.Design

The spherical shapes on this hand-sculpted totem candle by Noka.Design make for a subtle callback to Magic Circles 2.0 – and presents its own special kind of dynamism, not unlike the rug’s Kandinsky inspired concentric circles. Intentionally designed to evolve with every burn, the Summer in Lago Di Garda candle offers a multi-sensory experience, bringing a splash of bold indigo to home surfaces while diffusing a neroli infused fragrance throughout your space.

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cloudnola clock

Factory Ocher Yellow Station Large Clock by Cloudnola

An ultra-modern reimagining of the classic station clock, Cloudnola’s Factory Wall Clock adds a modern yet timeless (no pun intended) look to your living space. The bold hour and minute marks give it stylish, graphic appeal, while the ocher yellow frame adds color and playfulness. The clock’s traditional shape is a no brainer alongside the circle motif in the Magic Circles rug, while the yellow color carries the rug’s bright and bold color palette to your walls.

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dome eros planter

Dome Eros Planter by Capra Designs

The cobalt blue color of this Capra Designs planter perfectly accents the cool-toned side of the Magic Circles 2.0 Rug. Designed in Australia and handmade in small batches, the Dome Eros Planter is thoughtfully designed to help arid plants (plants that don’t require much water) thrive. The four-legged stand doubles as a drainage tray to help prevent root rot and overwatering, while giving the plant pot a modern, architectural look.

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