A Mystery Family Moved Into His Mailbox

Don Powell and his wife moved into a new home in Orchard Lake, Michigan five years ago. They ordered a custom-made mailbox that is larger than a standard mailbox and resembles their home with windows and everything. It even has a solar powered interior light. Cool huh? But it got much cooler last August, when Powell opened the mailbox to find two dolls and a note that said, “We’ve decided to live here. Mary and Shelley.” They were sitting on a miniature couch.

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Powell asked his neighbors, but no one admits knowing anything about the dolls. He left the dolls in the mailbox, because there is still plenty of room for mail. Later on, the dolls collected more miniature furniture and accessories, including a dog, Halloween decorations, and a Christmas tree. At some point, the dolls’ cousin Shirley moved in to recuperate from a broken leg. Powell has been documenting the dolls’ shenanigans on his Nextdoor neighborhood group, and keeping the other members enthralled with the saga. Read the full story and see more pictures at Hometown Life. -via Metafilter
(Image credit: Don Powell)

Source: neatorama

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