A Nifty Design for a Lightweight, Flat-Packable Stacking Storage Unit

I have no idea if this product is even real, or is what you actually get if you order one, but I thought the design was interesting. A company you’ve never heard of called MavunoGlobal is flogging this handy-seeming folding storage cabinet all over the socials, with the suspiciously low price of $14 a pop, a purchase limit of three units, and what seems like an artificially low stock indicator. (All of these things seem designed to take your money without delivering injection molded parts that cannot possibly cost that little.)

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That being said, the design is neat and suggests an alternative to typically heavy MDF or particle board storage furniture that is the scourge of many a first-timer’s apartment. MG’s offering seems to promise light weight, fast set-up and easy moves–and I have to say, it doesn’t look terrible for what it is and does indeed look convenient to access, with barrister’s-bookcase-like sliding transparent doors.

The in-stock ticker on the website is moving as I look at it. Okay, that settles it, I’d not gamble the money even if I needed one and thought it was real. But if one of you jumps on that grenade, do let us know what UPS ultimately delivered.

Source: core77

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