A Physical Shortcut Panel for Sketching with Procreate on an iPad

Do you use Procreate on an iPad? If so a Netherlands-based company called Pen Tips, whose stock in trade is making silicone tips for Apple Pencils, sells this shortcut panel specifically for that set-up.

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For those of you that find constantly tapping on the interface with the Pencil cumbersome, their USB-C-chargeable PenPad offers 23 different shortcuts that can be accessed with physical buttons.

“No cramps, an ergonomic experience,” the company writes. “Optimized key spacing for speed, error, usability, and biomechanics for longer periods of time.”

I suppose given time, one could memorize the location of all the buttons and get speedy with it—you ever see an accountant work an old-school calculator?—but I’d be curious to see a design with more differentiated and intuitive buttons.

The PenPad retails for $91.

Source: core77

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