A Pickup Truck Bed Extender Alternative Made from Fabric and Straps

I needed to transport a load of 12′ oak fence boards for our front pasture. My neighbor lent me his hitch extender, which looks like this:

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Well, I promptly bent and ruined it. My truck has a wimpy 5′ bed, and with 7′ of boards sticking out of the back, the weight of the oak bent the horizontal arm of the extender.

I now need to buy him a new one, and while searching for a replacement, came across this:

That’s the Sheett Bed Extender, a largely metal-free, fabric-based alternative to hitch extenders, made by U.S. manufacturer Loadd. A dual-layer, UV-resistant canvas and vinyl sheet is wrapped around the protruding end of the load, while straps secure it to the tiedown points in the bed. Included ratchet straps snug everything up.

Here’s how it works:

They run $170 for a 5.5′ extender, and $190 for an 8′ extender. I’ll be buying my neighbor (and maybe myself) the longer one, if they agree to the swap. It’s pricey, but I’ve made more expensive mistakes on this farm.

Source: core77

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