A Plastic Frame Pedelec Bike

I think most industrial designers would enjoy a challenge like this: To redesign a well-established object by using an entirely different construction to reduce the parts count. For their Magic Ride pedelec, Munich-based manufacturer Mocci’s designers ditched the conventional tubular metal bike frame, and instead created a frame entirely made of recyclable polyamide. Gone too are the wheels and spokes, replaced by one-piece molded wheels.

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There’s also no chain nor mechanical drive components. When the rider pedals, they drive a small generator that sends power to the motor. The onboard battery provides extra power and offers 80km of range. Braking is regenerative. Software takes the place of gears, leveling out the power whether going uphill or downhill so that “the user always rides in the comfort zone.”

“The combination of fewer components and the elimination of a mechanical power transmission ensures a safe and low-maintenance system,” the company writes. “With less downtime and a long service life, this offers enormous advantages for commercial customers.”

The bike can be configured with multiple racks for carrying things, as well as a trailer.

Prices are not listed, and the company apparently doesn’t sell to individuals; instead Mocci is targeting package delivery companies, traveling repairpersons, utilities workers, food & beverage outlets offering delivery, bikeshare companies and campuses, whether corporate or collegiate.

Source: core77

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