A Plastic Wrap/Cling Film Alternative Shaped Like a Silicone Yo-Yo

Cling film, a/k/a plastic wrap, is essentially non-recyclable.* But it’s super-useful stuff, and I’ve been seeking an alternative.

These odd-looking platinum-cured silicone** Reusable Flexible Lids, by Spanish kitchenware manufacturer Lékué, may fit the bill. The odd-looking objects are kind of shaped like flexible yo-yos and come in different diameters.

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The diameters do not need to correspond precisely with the diameter of the vessel or fruit-half—they just need to be close. For example:

– The 11 cm unit will cover from 11 cm up to 14 cm (4.3″ to 5.5″).

– The 15 cm can cover 15 cm up to 18 cm (5.9″ to 7″).

– The 20 cm can cover 20 cm up to 24 cm (7.9″ to 9.4″).

So the way they work is, you stretch the bottom half of the yo-yo over the top of the vessel, then stretch the top half over the bottom half. This adds enough compression, the manufacturer says, to get an airtight seal.

Here’s what the process looks like:

They offer additional sizes as well, you can peruse them all here.


*Long story short: Manufacturers will say their cling film is recyclable, because it’s polyethylene, or PE. However, it’s technically cross-linked polyethylene, or XPE. Call your local recycling facility, talk to someone who actually knows the machines, and they’ll probably tell you that their PE recycling lines can’t handle XPE. You can read Year of No Garbage author Eve Schaub’s struggles to find out why here.

**You can learn more about platinum-cured silicone and its applications here.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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