A Pocketknife Helps Canadian Man To Survive Grizzly Attack

Colin Dowler, a 45-year-old Canadian man, was biking through a path in Power River, British Columbia, which is about 185 miles north of Vancouver, on the 30th of July when he encountered a large male grizzly bear.

“I wasn’t really sure what to do about the situation,” Dowler said. “I largely stood there, and let the grizzly keep walking up towards me.”

When the bear was too close for comfort, Dowler tried to nudge him away with a hiking pole, BBC reported. A brief tug-of-war ensued before Dowler threw his bike at the animal, the report said.

The bear then grabbed Dowler by the stomach and dragged him to a ditch about 50 feet away. Dowler said he tried to play dead as the animal bit into his arm, foot, and thigh.

“It sounded like it was grating my bones up,” Dowler recalled. That’s when Dowler pulled out his pocketknife and stabbed the bear in the neck.

“It let go of me immediately. I wasn’t really sure if it was dying faster than I was,” Dowler said.

Dowler said he made a tourniquet out of his shirtsleeve, recovered his bike, and rode nearly five miles to a logging camp before collapsing. Five men were at the camp and administered first aid.

Dowler was immediately sent to a Vancouver hospital. Fortunately, his injuries were not life-threatening.

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(Image Credit: @BBCWorld/ Twitter)

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