A Portable, Assistive Object for When You Need to Go #2 in the Woods

When nature calls, on Line 2, it can be challenging for those of us who didn’t grow up in a squatting culture. Last winter we lost power and running water for a week, and I had to go in the woods. I have a neighbor who does this routinely, because he grew up in the backwoods and has mastered the balance and careful pants-positioning required. For city boy me, I had to find a tree to grab and assume a posture similar to someone waterskiing for the first time.

The Krapp Strap was designed to ease this task. Aimed at hunters and campers, it’s essentially just a sling, like a fanny pack with an extra-long strap. Secured around a sapling, it takes care of gravity so you can focus on the call. A convenient TP pocket on the side is within manageable reach.

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Source: core77

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