A Portable, Rechargeable Table or Hanging Lamp

Cologne-based industrial designer Moritz Putzier designed this Mikono light, a portable indoor/outdoor lamp that separates into two pieces.

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The base serves as a charging station. Two contacts encircle the inside of the conical cradle and correspond with two pins on the removable light cone. Once removed from the base, the light cone reveals its hanging/carrying loop.

The black circle you see in the center of the light is the on/off button, and can also be tapped to dim the light in stages.

The best feature of this lamp is something you can’t see: “When developing the technical configuration,” Putzier writes, “we focused on achieving a lamp where the battery can be changed when defective, without replacing the entire light, as is usually the case.”

The Mikono is in the prototype stage, seeking a manufacturer.

Source: core77

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