A Positive Review of Tesla's Yoke Steering Wheel: "Way Easier to Turn"

I’m one of the armchair critics who thinks the yoke-style steering wheel offered on the Tesla Model S is a terrible idea. But I don’t own a Tesla, and have never tried the yoke. Model S owner Deji Akingbade loves the new steering wheel, and demonstrates why in this review:

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I don’t know about “easier,” but I can see how it’s maybe more fun or pleasurable to use while leisurely cruising around in a low-traffic environment. But how does it work out in an emergency situation? Let’s say you’re about to hit something with no time to fully brake; in my rural case, say a deer suddenly steps into the road and I have to swerve left to avoid it, then right to get out of the oncoming-traffic lane. Is the wheel as easy to grab and control at a second’s notice?

What I find troubling about the yoke design is that it seems to trade safety for novelty.

Source: core77

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