A Private Sezin School in Istanbul by ATÖLYE

A Private Sezin School in Istanbul by ATÖLYE

With the idea of designing outside the educational box, ATÖLYE designed a forward-thinking K-12 school in Istanbul after the Private Sezin School approached them in 2014. The school longed for an environment that encouraged problem-based learning via modern skills so the designers took over the once-vacant top floor and turned it into a learning lab. After much research and input from the school and teachers, the project was completed earlier this year.

The process resulted in spaces for parents and teachers to talk, private work areas for teachers, a spot for hands-on learning, as well as open spaces for interaction. Within the 1,700 square meters, they managed to incorporate places to make, learn, meet, and work, all while being visually engaging.

Wood wool panels were installed along the ceiling to help control noice and increase energy efficiency.

It was also important to use modular furniture so various spaces could be changed up depending on the needs of the teachers and students.

Source: design-milk

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