A Product Designer's Hilarious "Unhinged" UI Design Features

For his day job, product designer Soren Iverson handles the Cash app’s UI. On the side, the L.A.-based designer, who has a wicked sense of humor, design concepts for “unhinged” UI features that no one asked for. With the perceptive eye of a stand-up comic, Iverson observes how people interact with commonly-used apps, then marshals his keen grasp of both human nature and business reality to present “Wouldn’t it be funny if…” design proposals like the following:

“iMessage typing indicator that shows length of the message”

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“Doordash ‘bite request'”

“UberEats option to steal a meal”

“iOS Posture Check”

“LinkedIn nepotism disclosure”

“iMessage literally watch them type”

“Uber Eats meet your meat”

“Spotify prioritize artists legal name”

“iMessage show the number of times they’ve read a message”

“BeReal Corporate automatically takes photos of your screen and shares them with your manager”

“Fidelity projected retirement age”

“Tinder feature to show when photo was taken”

“Uber Eats feature to share dining behavior with your insurance provider”

“United feature to ‘duel’ people for their seat”

“Facebook feature to tell you if people read the article before sharing”

Iverson, who cranks these out regularly, has also put together a book, “Can You Imagine?” containing 100 of his favorite design ideas. It can be pre-ordered here ($40).

Lastly, for those of you working as, or aspiring to be, UI designers: Iverson has a YouTube channel where he shares the UI design knowledge gained in his decade of experience. He’s got over 120 instructional videos showing you “how to use design tools and break down more high-level concepts like presentation and visual design,” all for free. Check it out here.

Source: core77

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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