A Racing Horse Named Potoooooooo

There was once a great racehorse in 18th-century Britain named Potoooooooo, who was famed for his endurance and speed. He won over 30 races defeating some of the best racehorses of the time, and many of his victories were at distances over four miles—more than twice the distance of a typical race. Potoooooooo also had significant influence on the thoroughbred breed, having been sired by a horse named Eclipse, who was a great racehorse himself. Standing 163 cm tall, the bright chestnut Eclipse had remained an undefeated champion throughout his 18-race career. Potoooooooo ensured the continuation of the Eclipse lineage down to the present day. Potoooooooo himself sired as many as 165 winners.

The question that’s likely on your mind is: why was the horse named Potoooooooo? There is an amusing story behind it.

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Source: amusingplanet.com

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