A Refrigerator-Mounted Magnetic Tape Dispenser

This tape dispenser sold by Japanese retailer Keito Co. seems ordinary enough:

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However, it’s actually designed for those who label their preserved food containers in the ‘fridge and freezer, which is a simple way to prevent accidental food waste. Thus the base of the dispenser is magnetic, allowing you to stick it to the ‘fridge itself:

It comes with a roll of tape and retails for the shockingly low price of ¥1,260 (USD $9.22). If I find a U.S. retailer I’ll snap one up; I’ve been wanting to move to the labeling system rather than peering at translucent food containers and trying to guess what’s what. These also might come in handy in a shop environment if you’ve got metal cabinets.

Source: core77

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