A Ridiculous Cat Feeder Called the Meow Stopper

British vlogger Half-Asleep Chris (previously at Neatorama) has two cats, Ralph and Bella. Ralph, like many cats, wants to eat very early in the morning, and wakes Chris up at 6AM to feed him. Chris does not like that, so he built a contraption that enables him to feed Ralph from his bed. Oh, no, nothing as simple as a container of cat food and a bowl to serve it in. Nor is it a computerized automatic feeder. This is a marble run, scaled up to accommodate kitty puzzle balls filled with kibble, and then scaled up again to ridiculous proportions with obstacles and decorations and long tubes that have the cats running all about the house to get their breakfast. He calls it the Meow Stopper, which is a totally tortured acronym he explains in the video.

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Chris releases ten balls at once. Will they all make it through the miniature golf course, the Paddington Bear jungle, and the hamster cage? But even more important, will Ralph stop meowing and eat his breakfast? All questions will be answered in a video that’s worth every minute. -via Laughing Squid

Source: neatorama

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