A Rope Bridge For Gibbons

Gibbons love to swing on treetops. It’s in their nature. Unfortunately, it has become hard for them to do that because of the landslide that formed a huge gap on their forest in Hainan, China. The landslide has made roaming across the region to find food and potential mates very difficult for the gibbons. Thankfully, conservation scientists came up with a temporary solution to address the problem: by making a rope bridge that reconnected the trees.

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And scientists have filmed the ape, a type of gibbon, climbing or swinging across in seconds.

Some used the ropes as a handrail, others swung by their arms and the most daring walked the tightrope.


All nine in the group mastered the rope bridge, save one adult male, which made a mighty jump from one tree to another, sometimes accompanied by athletic teenage companions.

Conservation scientists say the 18-metre-long structure could be an essential lifeline for the endangered species, while the forests are restored to their former glory.


Learn more about this story over at BBC.

(Image Credit: Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden/ BBC)

Source: neatorama

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