A Roundup of Dangerous and Deadly Toys

When I became a mother, my husband and I had our first meeting with a pediatrician. The doctor had a lot of safety questions for us, and the very first was “Do you have a trampoline?” Pediatricians hate trampolines, even more than they hate swimming pools. Backyard trampolines are the reason we have around 100,000 trampoline related injuries every year. But people still buy them. Other dangerous toys are remnants of the past. Lawn darts were banned, then were completely redesigned for safety. The infamous Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab went the way of the dodo. Some other hazardous toys may surprise you. A Slip ‘N Slide doesn’t appear all that dangerous, but there’s a reason that adults are warned not to use them. Find out about that and other dangerous toys in a list at Mental Floss. You can also listen to the article in video form.  

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(Image credit: Rob Swystun)

Source: neatorama

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