A Roundup of Weird Old Food

We’ve posted quite a few times about the bizarre molded Jell-O dishes of the early-to mid 20th century, but this collection takes the cake, so to speak. There are plenty of gelatin abominations, like the Ham Buffet Mold shown above. The recipe calls for pureeing the ham and setting it in a mold of orange Jello-O, according to a commenter. I couldn’t find the recipe by search, as “Ham Buffet Mold” only brought up people asking if it’s okay to eat ham with mold on it. There are two recipes in which you are to set pasta in a ring mold, one with gelatin. A couple more with a whole fish set in gelatin, and way too many of shrimp swimming in gelatin.

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Fruit Salad Linguini, anyone? No, thank you. But there are also cakes. Cake decorating books at the time appear to be obsessed with clowns, and no matter how well they were recreated, they were still creepy. The dishes taken from the Instagram account Weird Old Food just gets weirder the more you look. See a ranked list of 30 of the weirdest at Bored Panda.

Source: neatorama

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