A Self-Standing Folding Chair

Once folded, conventionally-designed folding chairs cannot stand on their own, so must be leaned against a wall, or stacked horizontally, or placed into a rack for storage. For spaces where this is undesirable or not possible, Finnish furniture manufacturer Vivero offers this unusual Null chair, by Swedish designer Fredrick Mattson:

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I could find virtually no information about this chair on either Vivero’s or Mattson’s websites, save for the dimensions (540mm wide, 750mm tall and 470mm deep, or 21.25″ x 29.5″ x 18.5″). But Mattson writes of his process in general:

“It’s important to keep the original sketch alive and not to allow computer programs or imperfect technologies to govern the process. When I look back at my products, the ones that appear to be the simplest and most obvious are the ones that proved to be the greatest challenges. It’s often these products, too, that are closest to the original sketch.”

If only we could see the original sketch!

Source: core77

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