A Set Designer's Clever 3D-Printed Aid for Photographing Small Objects

Photography studios use what they call “seamless” paper for backdrops. They’re just 9-foot wide rolls of paper, 50 feet long, suspended from a high crossbar, and you typically pull out 20 feet at a time (10 feet for vertical, 10 for horizontal). During my time running a photo studio, I probably went through over a thousand rolls.

Image: Emmanuel Acua on Unsplash

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For shooting smaller objects, photo supply houses also sell smaller 53″ rolls. But those are overkill if you’re shooting very small objects, and set designer H. Paul Mazer has designed this clever 3D-printed Photographic Sweep Stand, which allows you to use any kind of paper to create a diminutive seamless set-up.

Mazer’s posted the files on Thingiverse.

Source: core77

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