A Simple, Minimal Trestle-Based Desk/Table System

Parat is a series of mobile table frames in various sizes,” write industrial designers Birkan Gülöz and Jonas Nussbaum, who form the Cologne-based design firm JBNG. “In comparison to other more complex multipart systems, the Parat table system focuses on essential needs and easy handling.”

Boiling things down to basics, the duo started with a simple standalone trestle. A pair of these will do for those who prefer to DIY the worksurface. “The tripodal Parat trestle can be assembled without needing additional tools and is combinable with any kind of tabletop.”

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If you want to stay within-system, you can pop one of the legs off of each trestle and join them with the metal channel. “The Parat table frame can be mounted with only four screws.”

A tabletop of your choosing can then be added…

…and “should more storage space be needed, a tray area and suitable trays can be added. This allows you to set it up according to your needs.”

And of course, everything in the system breaks down to flatpacked.

“Parat,” by the way, is German for “ready.”

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Source: core77

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