A Sink Made Just For Vomiting

It’s in a bar in Germany, but, having worked a public libraries, I wish that this appliance was more widely available outside of German bars. Andrew Bulkeley, a journalist who has spent a lot of time in Germany, explains that you use a speibecken as a hygienic place to vomit. He learned this while getting drunk at a particular bar in Germany:

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“It’s for when you drink too much and you have to puke,” he announced, as if every bar in the world had a Speibecken. The entire bar looked at me with great sympathy, wondering with their eyes if this was the first bar I’d ever been in.

This must happen to every ex-pat every now and then – you stumble into something the natives think is part of the human condition but isn’t. It’s that weird moment where Germany doesn’t know it’s doing something strange and you have to be the one to break the bad news.

The handle on the left side is an excellent feature, given that users may feel unbalanced while using the speibecken.

-via Core 77 | Photo: jingjangjones

Source: neatorama

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