A Small Design Change Yields Better UX for the Cardboard File Box

It’s shameful, but despite having moved three years ago, I’m still not fully unpacked. I don’t own much storage furniture, and have left lots of stuff in the cardboard file boxes I moved them in. So I’m interacting with these boxes constantly.

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They work well enough, but one minor gripe I have is with the lids, which I find a hassle to deal with when you’re digging through multiple boxes looking for something. A design I’d much prefer is this cardboard box with an integrated lid, designed for Muji by Drill Design.

I also like that there’s a half-height variant for smaller items.

One thing I don’t like is that it does yield some waste—the assembly instructions show that you’re meant to remove and do away with the panels the instructions themselves are printed on. But I suppose there’s some waste in all cardboard boxes, as none are made from an entire perfect rectangle of cardboard stock.

Source: core77

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