A Smart Design Entrepreneur: Justin Myers Creates Metal Sheathes for Multitools

Justin Myers is the owner, designer and engineer of R.A.E. Gear USA, an Illinois-based manufacturer that has moved thousands of units on Etsy. What Myers has correctly identified a market for, then designed and fabricated, is a series of metal sheaths for popular multitools made by Gerber, Leatherman and Victorinox.

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By adding magnets to the inside, Myers cleverly enables the tool to not only be held fast, but opened one-handed:

Myers sells his sheathes through both the company website and Etsy, where he’s doing a brisk business–and most importantly, netting rave reviews for both the quality of the product and the customer service. (He’s 5-stars-out-of-5 with over 2,500 sales.) He appears to make sheathes for every multi-tool each manufacturer makes.

This is a smart business, and Myers proves that Made-in-the-USA is still possible. While metal is expensive these days, he’s created a useful and desirable metal object that’s small enough (i.e. uses little enough of an expensive material) that he can profitably sell them at $30 a pop. I think $30 is an easy click for most multi-tool lovers, and with the EDC craze seemingly getting bigger each year, Myers’ market will only grow.

Source: core77

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