A smart device that allows you to share your umbrella with a stranger

‘Umbrella Here’ creates an open forum for individuals to offer the snug security under their umbrellas to ease the drenched discomfort of umbrella-less strangers. The design allows people to be good samaritans and meet some new friends in the midst of a downpour.

Recently funded over $15,000 through Kickstarter, ’Umbrella Here’ is a device linked to a phone app, that fits around the tip of an umbrella. The device lights up to indicate your umbrella is opened and eager to be shared and dims when your umbrella is occupied.

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If you found you had a good conversation with your umbrella buddy there is a website that allows you to connect and continue the friendship. The device also notifies you if you leave your umbrella behind, and doubles as a simple weather guide when it’s charging or not in use. The device turns red to indicate hot weather, blue to indicate cold weather and blinks when it’s raining.

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Source: designfaves.com

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