A Smartphone Shaped Like an Ellipse

The Cyrcle Phone is a smartphone, but despite the name it’s not shaped like a circle. Nor is it shaped like a rectangle. For a reason I cannot fathom, it’s shaped like an ellipse.

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“A Non-Rectangular Phone For Non-Rectangular People,” reads the catchphrase on the manufacturer’s website. Which doesn’t quite make sense; does it mean the phone is for people shaped like ellipses?

In any case, the $699 Android device is apparently real and was successfully Kickstarted. This was their pitch video:

The shape just does not make any sense to me, particularly when you look at the size of the viewing window of the cat video below, versus the size of the device you have to carry around:

Here’s a video look at how the interface works:

Real-world reviews are a long ways off; the Cyrcle Phone is supposed to ship in September of 2022.

Source: core77

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