A Solar-Powered Floating Roomba for Your Swimming Pool

A company called Solar Breeze manufacturers the Ariel, a sort of floating Roomba similar to that ocean-cleaning PixieDrone ‘bot. The difference here is scale, and power source: The smaller Ariel, which is designed to keep swimming pools clean, is completely solar-powered.

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“Ariel is a solar-powered pool skimming robot that removes large and micro-sized debris from the surface of any pool. Ariel is equipped with obstruction sensors and multidirectional navigation to collect leaves, pollen, dust, dirt, hair and more through a fine mesh filter, and into an oversized collection chamber. When the window between Ariel’s solar panels indicate that the robot is full, hoist her out of the water using a non-slip handle and easily slide the debris collection tray out to empty.”

It looks pretty low-hassle to use:

I don’t own a pool, but I suppose if I did I’d fire the pool boy and pick up one of these instead. The Ariel runs $600, but it doesn’t strut around with its shirt off and remind you that you should eat better and hit the gym.

Source: core77

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