A Speaker And A Smart Lamp In One Design By Oupio

The ambitious brand Oupio pushes us towards the future where products merge technology with interior design principles and human centric values. At the same time Bluetooth Speaker and a Smart Lamp, Oupio is ready to amaze us!

The result is a hybrid product that enable people to gain control over the ambiance of interior spaces. Gadgets have invaded our lives and our homes, so sometimes people need to own less, looking for functionality.

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Oupio simply offers products that disappear within any interior design and as a result make technology both useful and invisible. The brand pays a lot of attention to details: from the materials to how everything fits together.

Their first product is Oupio M that can be seen as an intelligent lamp and a high fidelity speaker, designed using only genuine materials like wood, metal, glass and wool. Oupio M is also modular, since one can use it both as a desk lamp, floor lamp or pendant cluster.

Products can be controlled remotely via the Oupio App and users can also stream music via Bluetooth.

Oupio’s team is made of designers and engineers based in Romania, Netherlands and UK with a great passion about sound, lighting and everything tech related.

So besides being nice to look at, Oupio offers great sound in a minimalist design. The team launched the crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo, the date is set on the 26th of June. If you wanna support the project or just follow the updates take a look here!

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