A stop-motion tale of Dolly Parton created by Heather Coldbert

A stop-motion tale of Dolly Parton, created by Heather Coldbert, is a short movie about female confidence.

The music video for Mark Nevin‘s latest track follows singer-songwriter Dolly Parton as she fights Elvis Presley’s manager for the rights to her song, “I Will Always Love You”. Animated and directed by Heather Colbert, the video accompanies Nevin’s “Dolly Said No to Elvis” track.

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For the new video, Colbert wanted to make the puppets change size as the video progressed, to represent the shift in power between Parton and the Colonel.

“The idea that the size of the puppets would denote their confidence and control in the situation came from my listening to the track over and over and finding where the shifts in power fell in the narrative of the song,” she said.

“Once we had agreed on the metaphor – using size to denote confidence – it was very interesting to create these polar opposite characters and work out how to show the balance of power shifts through the track,” she explained.

The film begins with a young Parton being approached by the Colonel in a setting that resembles the American frontier. He arrives in a golden Cadillac, which has a silhouette of Presley in the back seat.

Parton contemplates giving away her song, which is depicted as a red musical note, but changes her mind after he hands her a long contract.

She rips up the contract and seemingly grows in size – an act that is meant to represent her growth in confidence.  A giant Parton picks the Colonel up and throws him onto the ground.

The film ends with a 2D-animated montage of Parton passing her song onto Whitney Houston, before strumming her guitar into the sunset.

Filmed on her grandmother’s dining room table, Colbert made the figurines from plasticine, wire and thread. Keen to give her protagonists memorable characteristics, she gave Parton an exaggerated hourglass figure and the Colonel a cigar.

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